Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kirby's Cosmic Sun

Kirby's Cosmic Sun
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A vector graphic originally made to be submitted as a Threadless T shirt Design till I decided that it would probably do better at Design by Humans.

there is tons of detail in this so view it as large as possible

This Image made use of my love oh Comic book Legend, Jack "the King" Kirby, tripped out cosmic space as seen in issues of Fantastic 4 and silver surfer. what I always loved about them was Kirby's use of a technique he pioneered often referred to as "Kirby dots" or the "Kirby krackle" the Krackle was the use of representing energy with different densitys of scattered black dots creating fantastic kinetic kinetic imagery with the negative space, a wild halftone if you will.

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In other news I saw one of my favorite bands, CAKE, a week ago and it rocked. The only real downsides were how long the show took to get started, the crappy opening band (winterpills) huge people in the front blocking me, and the fact that I love so many songs by them it was impossible for them to play all my favorites. so have decided to post some of the songs i really wish they played

Cake - Carbon Monoxide
Cake - Sheep go to heaven
Cake - Strangers in the night (a Sinatra cover)
Cake - Commissioning a symphony in C

These files are for sampling purposes only. If you have a problem with them being up just email me and I will remove them

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