Monday, November 24, 2008

when in doubt, draw trees and eyes

I have tons of paints I have yet to put on this blog.
this 16"x20" inch acrylic painting was made with all the left over paints on my pallet because I use too much paint when I paint.

back with new shirts

Its been a bit since I last posted but All I have done inbetween is miss out on some awesome concerts, go to lame job interviews and design a few shirts.
here are those said shirts available for voting at DBH
first up is "art skull" A statement for all the edgy and renegade artists out there. I originally wanted to have the words "ART" written above the image filled in the the same abstract water colors.
see A high quality pic of the graphic here
if this doesn't do well I'll try it again as a super large maxi print because there is a redic amount of color and detail in this. you can vote for it at Design by here

Next up is "metal cables remix" its an older Design that I couldn't let go of so I tried some new stuff with it

you can vote for it here

Finally I have "Celestial (upper) body. its another trippy Jack Kirby spacescape inspired shirt. The Idea for this shirt was inspired by common comic book illustration effect where the artist fills in large black areas on a character with cosmic space. you can see examples of it here here or here

you can see A large copy of the graphic from this shirt here, I hope to make this a Blacklite sensitive print at some point
if this is something you would wear then please vote for it here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New shirt on threadless "word to the herd"

People seem to react much more positively to this then any of my previous work.
the shirt was inpsired by my girlfreinds love of elephants

head over to threadless and rate it, maybe even buy some shirts?
Word to the Herd - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh deer v2 MAX t shirt placement

this was originally a smaller part or something else I was working on but I love it so much I blew it up and gave it its own spotlight. this combines my love of my new favorite color combination, my love of floral flourish and halftones. antlers are pretty awesome to draw also. I feel like have captured some sort of primal magic in this. purple is the new awesome

the shirt is currently up for voteing at DHB, the link is here

how about a song? how about Cryptograms by Deerhunter

Friday, October 24, 2008

MF Doom portrait

MF Doom portrait, originally uploaded by biotwist.

the first realistic painting i have done it over a year, it takes a tremendous amount of focus to make stuff like this that i don't have these days. its a shame because I'm Happy when I paint like this

the painting is of rapper/producer MF Doom whom I have also made a sculpture of. MF Doom had a huge infulnce on getting me into rap. He had this Awesome Doom/Fantastic four/ Sci-Fi motif and instead of rapping about girls, wealth and guns he raps about pop culture. here is a sampling of stuff from his various projects.

MF Doom - Bells of Doom

Madvillian - Great Day

Danger doom - benzie box (ft. cee-lo)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Word to the Herd

Word to the Herd, originally uploaded by biotwist.

my girlfriend loves elephants so i wanted to make something with her in mind. This is a huge change in styles for me and my first time using a tablet but i had this Wacom clintiq 21ux just sitting around and a felt like a douche for not using it.

Wu Tang Clan - Rushing Elephants the trumpets in this song rock

and did you know that mc chris put out a new album? neather did I. albums called "mc chris is dead" and all the skits revolve around the plot that chris is dead and has returned to life as a zombi
mc chris Older Crowd

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

art is gun / Atmosphere - Guns and Cigarettes.

art is gun
Originally uploaded by biotwistbiotwist
I had this idea to make some edgy graphics and incorporate the word "art" into them, challenging people with the idea that ART can be anything and everything. the design is a little to simple for Threadless or design by humans so might just screen print this my self

the art is about guns so ill post a song about guns. Guns and cigarettes is probably my favorite atmosphere song. If I had to pick one song to make people a fan it would be this one so enjoy

Atmosphere - Guns and Cigarettes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

T shirt is up at DHB, rock the vote

so I finished my first t-shirt contest in months
you may vote for it HERE

and in honor of a t shirt inspired by jack kirby, how about some crazy jazz inspired by the king of comics as well. I give you jazz drummer Gregg Bendian
Gregg Bendian - kirby´s fourth world

so yeah, go to DBH and if you like my design then give it a vote

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kirby's Cosmic Sun

Kirby's Cosmic Sun
Originally uploaded by biotwist
A vector graphic originally made to be submitted as a Threadless T shirt Design till I decided that it would probably do better at Design by Humans.

there is tons of detail in this so view it as large as possible

This Image made use of my love oh Comic book Legend, Jack "the King" Kirby, tripped out cosmic space as seen in issues of Fantastic 4 and silver surfer. what I always loved about them was Kirby's use of a technique he pioneered often referred to as "Kirby dots" or the "Kirby krackle" the Krackle was the use of representing energy with different densitys of scattered black dots creating fantastic kinetic kinetic imagery with the negative space, a wild halftone if you will.

if you care you can cheack out my DBH page HERE and my Threadless page HERE

In other news I saw one of my favorite bands, CAKE, a week ago and it rocked. The only real downsides were how long the show took to get started, the crappy opening band (winterpills) huge people in the front blocking me, and the fact that I love so many songs by them it was impossible for them to play all my favorites. so have decided to post some of the songs i really wish they played

Cake - Carbon Monoxide
Cake - Sheep go to heaven
Cake - Strangers in the night (a Sinatra cover)
Cake - Commissioning a symphony in C

These files are for sampling purposes only. If you have a problem with them being up just email me and I will remove them

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Originally uploaded by biotwist
something feels off about this painting but i loved making the hand i should have just made a painting of the hand holding the cig

Friday, October 10, 2008


Originally uploaded by biotwist
I fineshed this one about a month ago but havent uploaded it till now.
the painting is acrylic paint on a 18" by 24" stretched canvas.
this started by because I didn't want to waste all the extra paint I was using ( I use HUGE globs) so would take my pallets and rub them on a extra canvas. I left it in the corner of my room and started at it as a went to sleep every night for 3 months until I saw this image in my head. I drew in influences from graffiti, comic book and random abstract for this once. lately purple has been my favorite color (i grew up thinking purple was dark blue thanks to my color blindness.
In other news I have hit a terrible case of artist block and cannot translate the ideas in my head into actuality. I think the solution to this is to go back to basics and learn how to properly draw all over again

Monday, October 6, 2008

rightside up and upside down trees over abstract

another old painting
20" x 16" acrylic painting on stretched canvas.
Purple might be my most favorite color to work with I think. I love watering down my acrylic paints for trippy water color effects. i love drawing branches too but I can never seem to repeat any of the cool stuff I come up with this way.

In other news I'm still procrastinating with my actual web page and i lost my second job so I need to put off buying new brushes. I should upload some songs

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Metal Cables (Lost inside the machine)

just trying to see how this flickr to blog thing works.
this is one of my favorite things I have made. I used my love of old 90's comic books when every one was drawing chrome with lines through them to make cables and cybernetic limbs. Mix that with a touch of dark sci fi and this is what you get. Does it make me less of an artist if i draw the same thing again just differently?

Friday, October 3, 2008

First post

well this is my first attempt at this. so i should probably tell you about my self. I'm a 27, soon to be 28 year old artist from new jersey.
Besides being an artist, i have been a professional wrestler, a performer for kaiju big battel and a teachers aid. I also am afflicted with all sorts of things like color blindness, hyper atenshon deficit disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and chronic depression.
I love to creat things I think i get a high of of turning nothing into some thing or even taking some thing that exists and making it something els.
as for things I do, I draw, paint (mostly acrylic, sculpt, preform, graphic design, photography, and video editing. I think I impulsively want to do any art that I see and if you have read all this so far then you are probably aware that i have no focus and dont know how to write at all. BUT HEY! I'm mostly ok with that and you should be too.
now to talk about this blog I have two goals for this, to share my love of music of all kinds and to showcase and hopefull get feedback on my art. sooner or later I will start posting music but for now Ill start posting my art. If you want to see more of my art you can head over to my flickr page. this is probably most I will ever write here.

I think I will leave you off with one of my old paintings... that I cant seem to post under all this text so instead you can see it at the top left of this post. the painting is called "Strange things under the moon and it is an acrylic painting on 16" by 20" stretched canvas. this painting is a reincarnation of a doodle I have done in many difrent forms and medias. I fell that I want to want to do a whole bunch more weird plants like this if I ever get the focus. cheers!