Monday, November 24, 2008

when in doubt, draw trees and eyes

I have tons of paints I have yet to put on this blog.
this 16"x20" inch acrylic painting was made with all the left over paints on my pallet because I use too much paint when I paint.

back with new shirts

Its been a bit since I last posted but All I have done inbetween is miss out on some awesome concerts, go to lame job interviews and design a few shirts.
here are those said shirts available for voting at DBH
first up is "art skull" A statement for all the edgy and renegade artists out there. I originally wanted to have the words "ART" written above the image filled in the the same abstract water colors.
see A high quality pic of the graphic here
if this doesn't do well I'll try it again as a super large maxi print because there is a redic amount of color and detail in this. you can vote for it at Design by here

Next up is "metal cables remix" its an older Design that I couldn't let go of so I tried some new stuff with it

you can vote for it here

Finally I have "Celestial (upper) body. its another trippy Jack Kirby spacescape inspired shirt. The Idea for this shirt was inspired by common comic book illustration effect where the artist fills in large black areas on a character with cosmic space. you can see examples of it here here or here

you can see A large copy of the graphic from this shirt here, I hope to make this a Blacklite sensitive print at some point
if this is something you would wear then please vote for it here