Friday, October 10, 2008


Originally uploaded by biotwist
I fineshed this one about a month ago but havent uploaded it till now.
the painting is acrylic paint on a 18" by 24" stretched canvas.
this started by because I didn't want to waste all the extra paint I was using ( I use HUGE globs) so would take my pallets and rub them on a extra canvas. I left it in the corner of my room and started at it as a went to sleep every night for 3 months until I saw this image in my head. I drew in influences from graffiti, comic book and random abstract for this once. lately purple has been my favorite color (i grew up thinking purple was dark blue thanks to my color blindness.
In other news I have hit a terrible case of artist block and cannot translate the ideas in my head into actuality. I think the solution to this is to go back to basics and learn how to properly draw all over again

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