Sunday, February 22, 2009

sold a painting

that's right today I got a call from the tinderbox saying they sold this painting I had on display
Im not going to lie and say this painting had no Alex gray inspiration but it was actually the combination of several things I was trying to do with art that the Time and Im glad it has a home. So thank you to whom ever purchased this painting.
I also have another painting on display their as well as other cool artworks by other artists plus cool smokes and glass works. you may find out more about them here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trippy mushrooms t shirt

so besides my mushroom painting breaking 1000 views on flickr but Design by humans has redesigned their website and now include a forum.
so I have remixed the the painting into this banging t-shirt concept. go be awesome and vote for it over at here

this is actually the second graphic design remix of the painting as some of you will remember

my first painting to break 1000 views on flickr

booya! 1000 plus votes for me on this one. Its very worth it to upgrade to flickr pro
Psychedelia is a huge influence on me and it most be so with other people or this wouldn't be my most popular painting on flickr. some information about the painting:
18" by 24" acrylic paint on a stretched canvas and served on rye with a side of fries.
the background is super deluded with water to create a watercolor effect while the foreground is the complete opposite with super heavy layers of textured paint cause it to pop out almost in 3D.
the Melt
I think I'm going to up the price tag on this as well

Friday, February 6, 2009

I come in Peace

my latest submission to design by humans, utilized my fascination with deep sea diver helms.the air hose starts at the top of the shirt and makes it way to the bottom eating up as much space as possible and spelling out a hidden message along the way. please be sure to vote on it at Design by

i come in peace closeup

"I come in Peace" print