Friday, October 3, 2008

First post

well this is my first attempt at this. so i should probably tell you about my self. I'm a 27, soon to be 28 year old artist from new jersey.
Besides being an artist, i have been a professional wrestler, a performer for kaiju big battel and a teachers aid. I also am afflicted with all sorts of things like color blindness, hyper atenshon deficit disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and chronic depression.
I love to creat things I think i get a high of of turning nothing into some thing or even taking some thing that exists and making it something els.
as for things I do, I draw, paint (mostly acrylic, sculpt, preform, graphic design, photography, and video editing. I think I impulsively want to do any art that I see and if you have read all this so far then you are probably aware that i have no focus and dont know how to write at all. BUT HEY! I'm mostly ok with that and you should be too.
now to talk about this blog I have two goals for this, to share my love of music of all kinds and to showcase and hopefull get feedback on my art. sooner or later I will start posting music but for now Ill start posting my art. If you want to see more of my art you can head over to my flickr page. this is probably most I will ever write here.

I think I will leave you off with one of my old paintings... that I cant seem to post under all this text so instead you can see it at the top left of this post. the painting is called "Strange things under the moon and it is an acrylic painting on 16" by 20" stretched canvas. this painting is a reincarnation of a doodle I have done in many difrent forms and medias. I fell that I want to want to do a whole bunch more weird plants like this if I ever get the focus. cheers!


Leora said...

Your plant is certainly coming alive.

Nice to meet another artist. You have a daunting list of ailments (I also have to battle off depression often), but you seem to take care of yourself well, as you have some good achievements, too.

Ellie said...

Hey! This is Ellie from Twitter :) This is a great blog. I love your art.

I have depression, too, plus Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. :-) However, I do spend time doing artistic things, but I am nowhere near as good as you!

Tumpal Gemelli said...

Just visiting around and say hello! Hello Jonah :)