Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lots o shirts

I'm trying to make around 3 Designs A week these days, makes me feel good.

"Pirates Like stripes" Score this at Threadless to help It get chosen for print

"Paper Cut" score this at Threadless ect...

"Teenage Mutant Envy" score this now!

"From a Lacerated sky" score it now

"Unicorn Field Theory" score it up

"Tiger Stripes" score here

and finally....
"Baseball Diamond" score it here

that's a lot of HTML coding for me.


DGC said...

sweet, check out/follow my blog and flickr. I saw your post about collabs recently. Maybe one day we can get somethin going!

Anonymous said...

is there any way I can still buy that Pirates love stripes t-shirt?? I absolutely love it!