Saturday, May 30, 2009

new concepts for illustration and/or t shirts

went thru some of my sketchbooks and scanned the follwing images. of the four which would people most likly like to see expanded on and finshed?

a. smoking kills
smoking kills

b. elephant painting
elephant painting

C. lumberjack vs viking
lumberjack vs viking

or d. tentacle beard
x tentacles

I'm not necessarily going to work on any of these any time soon but Id like to know what the most popular choice would be
I wish I could add a poll into this

since its a weekend how about another weekend shuffle
1.Young Galaxy - Come and See, a fine Indy tune with a happy uplifting sound
2.anathema - leave no trace, I used to be way into these guys... not so much anymore
3. mr. dibbs - Judeas Transmission, I never listen to this track before.... actually I have two hole albums by dibbs i never fully listened to
4. the refused - Crusader Of Hopelessness, not their best song or even close
5. beatallica - hey dude, this whole album is a fun novelty mix of metallica and the beatles but not a mashup

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