Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my first painting to break 1000 views on flickr

booya! 1000 plus votes for me on this one. Its very worth it to upgrade to flickr pro
Psychedelia is a huge influence on me and it most be so with other people or this wouldn't be my most popular painting on flickr. some information about the painting:
18" by 24" acrylic paint on a stretched canvas and served on rye with a side of fries.
the background is super deluded with water to create a watercolor effect while the foreground is the complete opposite with super heavy layers of textured paint cause it to pop out almost in 3D.
the Melt
I think I'm going to up the price tag on this as well

1 comment:

Shahar said...

wow, great work man....it seems like the things you see when you are getting high.